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Parser Market


This is a marketplace for your parsers. Please state your name, your email, and the release your parser is developed for (if you used a CVS snapshot, also state the revision number).

Use a special pagename ["parser/"] and start your parser with the line
#format python
This way, the parser can directly be put on the page without any modification, and as easily copied from that page. See the examples below.

BizarStructuredText: parser/stx.pyRichard
HTML: parser/html.pyChristian Birdchris.bird@lineo.com1.0

There are also some UtilityScripts.


If you are not familiar with Python and/or the MoinMoin code base, but have a need or an idea for a parser, this is the place to ask for it. Someone might find it useful, too, and implement it.

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