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Help On Processing Instructions

Processing Instructions

MoinMoin processing instructions have the same semantics as in XML: they control the paths taken when processing a page. Processing instructions are lines that start with a "#" character followed by a keyword and optionally some arguments. Two consecutive hash marks at the start of a line are a comment that won't appear in the processed page.

Processing instructions this wiki knows of:
  • ## any-text: comment
  • #FORMAT format-specifier: defines the input format for this page, known formats are:
    • Wiki: default MoinMoin wiki markup
    • Plain: normal plain text
    • Python: colorized Python source
    • HTML ( <!> not implemented)
    • StructuredText ( <!> not implemented)
  • #REDIRECT pagename: redirect to a different page (see MeatBall:PageRedirect)

All PIs must appear at the very start of a page. An exception are comment PIs, those may appear within a wiki page (but obviously not in pages using other formats).

For more information on the possible markup, see HelpOnEditing.

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