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Help On Macros

1. Macros

Macros allow the insertion of system features into normal wiki pages; the only thing that makes those pages special is that they contain macros. If you edit pages like RecentChanges or SystemInfo, you'll see what that means.

For more information on the possible markup, see HelpOnEditing.

1.1. Search macros

[[TitleSearch]] search the page titles FindPage
[[FullSearch]] search the page contents FindPage
[[FullSearch()]] search for the current title in all pages (like clicking on the page title) CategoryCategory
[[FullSearch('text')]] search for "text" in all pages Search for FullSearch:
[[GoTo]] directly go to the page you enter FindPage
[[PageList(regex)]] list of pages whose title matches the regex HelpIndex

1.2. Navigation

[[RecentChanges]] a list of recently edited pages RecentChanges
[[TitleIndex]] an index of all page titles TitleIndex
[[WordIndex]] an index of all words in page titles WordIndex
[[RandomPage]] a link to a random page 저승사자
[[RandomPage(#)]] links to a number of random pages Two random pages:
[[TableOfContents]] display a local table of contents see below

1.3. System information

[[InterWiki]] a list of all known InterWiki names InterWiki
[[SystemInfo]] info on the wiki, the python interpreter and the host system SystemInfo
[[PageCount]] current page count 2874 pages

1.4. Others

[[Icon(image)]] display system icons HelpOnNavigation
[[UserPreferences]] display a user preferences dialog UserPreferences
[[BR]] insert a line break 1st line
2nd line
[[Include(HelloWorld[,heading[,level]])]] include contents of another page HelloWorld

2. Example Display

We don't show examples for all macros here, because that would make this page quite long. Here is is the replacement text for the [[SystemInfo]] macro:
PHP Version 5.5.x (Linux 4.15.0-43-generic SMP)
MoniWiki Version Release 1.2.6-GIT [Revision: 1.2000 ]
HTTP Server Version nginx/1.12.2
Number of Pages 2874

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