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성인 동영상

Pattern Name

Name of Pattern

Aliases: Aliases (or None at this time)


A statement of the problem this pattern solves. The problem may be stated as a question.


The setting for the problem. This can include a description of the target user, e.g., developer, manager, customer.


The forces influencing the problem and solution. This can be represented as a list.
  • Force one
  • Force two


The solution to the problem.

Resulting Context

The context of the solution. This should include the new problems that appear as a result of applying the pattern that will require new patterns for their resolution.


Explain the rationale behind the solution. Tell stories! Share your expertise.

Known Uses

List or describe places where the pattern is used.

Related Patterns

Describe any related patterns and their relationships with this pattern.


Give a sketch, if needed.

=> 아니, 이것이 바로 성인들만이 볼수 있다는 영상인가요?

Author(s): Author's name or "as told to" for pattern mining

Date: Date string, e.g. 2000-12-31

References: References cited in the pattern.


A comma delimited string of terms to be used for searching.


Sample implementation of the pattern, usually code, pseudo code, etc.


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